MEETING BUDAPEST is your expert in the field of organizing and executing congresses and conferences. We have been participating within the market of Hungarian and international congress and conference organizers for over 20 years.

MEETING BUDAPEST is a leading international PCO, specialized on scientific-professional organizations and associations, pre-planned congresses, establishing and managing conferences and events.

Our field of expertise is organizing and executing congresses, conferences and seminars. We offer comprehensive services in the fields of conference planning, location and venue selection and reservation, registration, audio-visual tools, IT, logistics, leisure time management, marketing, print and web services, funding and sponsorship, as well as finance management and budget controlling.

Our services can be tailored to specific needs: we deal with the comprehensive organization of events or – as local conference organizer – we assist the core PCO to execute their event.


We offer a range of services to our clients to organize and administer congresses, conferences, incentive tours and exhibitions:

  • Selection and reservation of the congress or event venue
  • Budget, cash flow management, congress logistics, time scheduling and work process planning and development
  • Exhibition organization, related to the event
  • Execution of professional and technical programs
  • Reservation of accommodation
  • Add-on programs, gala dinners, organizing banquets
  • Organizing touristic and cultural programs
  • VIP services
  • Technical and conference services
  • Editing and preparing print materials
  • Transportation of participants, arranging transfers
  • Organizing incentive tours and professional programs related to the conference